Templates Management System.. (TMS) Looking For

I am looking for a script which is like a clone of MonsterTemplates.com or anyother paid/free web templates site. Is threre any available that you know? Please let me know. I need it very badly. I've got one which is "Templates Management" from the provider "DeonixScrip" but that does not work. The SQL gives an error and don't know how to fix that.

So, please let me know if someone can help me? I'll donate Forum$ if i can get one which really works.



  • JohnJohn Junior Member NAT Warrior
    Well if you purchased the script you could ask the author for some help but seeing as you didn't "Templates Management v1.2 [WDYL-WTN] Rls" (from site title..) you won't get much help from them or anyone here unless you purchase a license for it or use an opensource alternative.

    You could try using just static html pages for now until you get a script.
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